If the building or structure in question was built before 1920 you can almost guarantee it was built with lime mortar. Using lime mortar to restore & repair any building constructed from lime is essential.

Wall Tie Replacement

There is no damage to the brickwork/stonework with our traditional methods and definitely no guess work. Quality replacement materials offering complete reassurance, allows the job to be done once and right.

Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are the most susceptible to the weather and probably the last to get any attention. In our experience with Chimneys most cases won’t require a full take down and rebuild.

Renovations & Extensions

We provide a comprehensive service using only skilled craftsman. Traditional methods and materials are used to ensure quality workmanship that will be delivered smoothly with minimal disruption to your home.

Arch & Lintel Replacement

The technique of removing and replacing lintels should only be practised by a competent person, using correct, up to date knowledge which must be used with a replacement that is the most suitable.
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