Lime Mortar & repointing
Specialists in Exeter

With over 30 years experience, we provide a comprehensive service using only skilled craftsman within Exeter and surrounding areas.

Our expert team provides a seamless package using traditional methods and materials ensuring quality workmanship that will be delivered smoothly and effectively with minimal disruption to your home.

We are sensitive to the needs of our customers and pride ourselves on providing quality work to tight deadlines and budgets with minimal disruption. With our experience and insight into any build, we can pre-empt many issues before they arise, saving time and money.
Property Renovation

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Pointing Brickwork
If the building or structure in question was built before 1920 you can almost guarantee it was built with lime mortar. Using lime mortar to restore & repair any building constructed from lime is essential

Arch and Lintel Replacement

Lintel Replacement
The technique of removing and replacing lintels should only be practised by a competent person, using correct, up to date knowledge which must be used with a replacement that is the most suitable.

Chimney Repairs

Chimney Repairs
Chimneys are the most susceptible to the weather and probably the last to get any attention. In our experience with Chimneys, most cases won’t require a full takedown and rebuild

Renovations & ExtenSions

Home Extensions & Renovations
We provide a comprehensive service using only skilled craftsman. Traditional methods and materials are used to ensure quality workmanship that will be delivered smoothly with minimal disruption to your home.

Wall Tie Replacement

Wall Tie Replacement
There is no damage to the brickwork/stonework with our traditional methods and definitely no guesswork. Quality replacement materials offering complete reassurance, allows the job to be done once and right.

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Lime Mortar
We offer a free quote where someone from our professional team, who have over 30 years experience in the restoration industry will get in contact with you to discuss your restoration project with you.

Historical value maintained

The cost to repair a brick/stone masonry wall or to repoint a property is far less than the cost of repairs if you neglect the basic maintenance works. If your property is older or has historical importance it must be properly maintained. Repointing is the best way to ensure the buildings original integrity. Contact Oldbury’s to have the brickwork or stonework repaired as soon as any problems are detected, to save money in the long term.

Oldbury’s is a leading specialist for masonry work on historic homes, including stone wall pointing, brick or stone wall repairs and lime mortar repairs, Oldbury’s specialise in the sympathetic restoration of brickwork and stone on all scales.

Whether you have a grade 1 or 2 listed period property or a cavity wall constructed building, Oldbury’s will ensure that the correct materials are used, to guarantee that your property remains intact and in good condition.
Using the wrong materials can be detrimental to the fabric of the property. For instance, using an ordinary Portland cement on a traditional lime mortar property can prevent the masonry from breathing and conflict with the properties abilities to allow for movement, also trapping moisture within the brick or stone walls creating damp therefore leading to problems such as effervescent salts and the devastating effects of the freeze thaw process. (I.e. crumbling brickwork) often seen with the wrong use of mortar on properties.

Call the experts at Oldbury’s to check your property’s brickwork or stonework. Damage left alone will become more difficult to fix, so repairs should be made as soon as possible. Quality assurance – with the reassuring use of traditional materials and techniques you are guaranteed quality to last a life time. For a free quote from a professional team with over 30 years experiance in restoration please contact Jon via info below.